Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) Calming Collars

$68.45 $95.99

The Adaptil DAP dog calming collar gives your pet relief from anxiety wherever they go! Each collar is impregnated with a synthetic dog appeasing pheromone that mimics the one produced by nursing mothers to comfort their puppies. It's a great drug and side effect free option for relief from separation anxiety, noise phobias (e.g thunderstorms and fireworks) or general stresses.

At home you can use the Adaptil diffuser plug in, found here. But in stressful situations away from the home, the Adaptil puppy collar comes into its own, such as during car or air travel or when your dog needs to visit a boarding kennel. 

You can buy Adaptil calming collars from Australian stockists in two sizes: small/medium (for necks up to 37.5cm) and large (for necks up to 62.5cm). One collar lasts for 4 weeks. Simply replace monthly for continuous comfort. Just be sure to take the collar off when your pet is getting wet to ensure it maintains maximum effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Each collar is impregnated with dog appeasing pheromone which mimics the pheromone produced by nursing mothers to comfort their puppies.
  • Provides a drug free solution to separation anxiety, noise phobias (thunderstorms and fireworks) and general stresses.
  • Perfect for dogs that are anxious while travelling or in boarding kennels.
  • Available in two sizes: small/medium and large.
  • Each collar lasts 4 weeks.
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Can be used with the Adaptil diffuser plug in and Adaptil spray for more comprehensive coverage.